What’s been going on? I’m happy that’s what and I love it!

Have you ever wondered if you’re doing everything “right”?

sunrise outside my windowAre you eating right, controlling your diabetes the correct way.. have you picked the correct career? Did you do everything in the right order?

I was feeling this way a lot for the past few months and then this weekend I took a moment to think about it.

I’m happy. What else can I ask for in this little world of ours? When people struggle…

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20 October 2014 ·

How much I’ve Grown - Living with Diabetes

How much I’ve Grown - Living with Diabetes http://humablog.com/growingdiabetes

I’m sure you’ve heard it. “Diabetes makes you grow up fast”. Many of us have seen it, when a young child is diagnosed anme copyd they are suddenly responsible for more than any children in their class. And of course many of us have lived it. I was diagnosed at age 8. I was in the third grade and I learned more than reading, writing and arithmetic. That year I learned how to care for my self, how to…

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12 August 2014 ·

I did it - Graduating College with Diabetes

I did it - Graduating College with Diabetes http://humablog.com/graduatingcollegewithdiabetes

It’s weird to say it. I’m a college graduate. I can’t believe I’m done. I’ve finished all the classes required and even landed a great full-time position to begin my career. It took a lot of work to get here. Hours spent in class rooms, days spent with little sleep, months spent working toward this very goal. Graduation.

grad_3_humalogoWhen I began college I would have never expected I would be where I am…

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11 August 2014 ·

My Stupid Brain

Read my crazy #dblog post about my stupid brain! http://humablog.com/stupid-brain

My brain is stupid sometimes. brain dumb_01 I can be talking to someone and completely forget the word I was about to say. no words_02 I can take my blood sugar and 30 seconds later forgot what it was.  Meter_03 I can check the time on my phone and not actually check the time on my phone. Time Phone_04 And don’t even get me started on when I walk into a room and forget what I went in there for.  Why am I Here_05I like to think in these times when my brain…

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3 March 2014 ·

Living a Level Life with Level Foods

Living a Level Life with Level Foods - A yummy alternative to breakfast!

I love breakfast. I mean seriously, think of all the yummy things you can eat for breakfast.. fruit and yogurt, oatmeal with a little peanut butter, eggs & bacon, toast. (OK this is making me hungry)

Rachel enjoying a Level Foods Shake in my Car

I love grabbing a Level Foods Shake and enjoying it in my car

But sometimes mornings can be a little stressful. Especially if you have diabetes. “Oh no how could I have just realized I have only 20…

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22 February 2014 ·

Gaining Wisdom from TeethWisdom Teethhave their name because they usually show their ugly little faces around the ages of 17…View Post

Gaining Wisdom from Teeth

Wisdom Teethhave their name because they usually show their ugly little faces around the ages of 17…

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3 February 2014 ·

WelcomeWelcome to the new HumaBlog.com!
Take a few to look around and tell me what you think! 
Don’t…View Post


Welcome to the new HumaBlog.com!

Take a few to look around and tell me what you think!


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19 November 2013 ·

It’s been a year…

It’s been one year this week that I was awaken by EMTs in my bedroom. For today I will share with you a blog that was written a few days after the experience one year ago. 

I have made quite a few changes to my insulin regimen and hope that this won’t happen again. It’s been a journey but I feel much more comfortable about going to sleep and I know I will be ok.

Read below to read about my experience.


Blog Post - Originally Posted on August 13, 2012 

Oh this weekend was looking to be pretty normal. On Friday I finished with my summer class and got a parking pass to be able to park my car on campus. On Saturday I went back to school shopping with my little sister and mom. All pretty normal and I was looking forward to a relaxing Sunday. However that’s not how it happened.

I woke up thinking I was dreaming. Why were there so many people in my room. I couldn’t focus on anyone’s face. “I must be dreaming” I said to myself. I reached for my pillow to see if I could feel the texture. I could feel a pinching feeling on my hand and I looked down to see an IV attached. This HAS to be a dream, I thought. image

"Do you know where you are?" one of the men said to me. "In my room" I replied. Another man asked me "Are you feeling out of it?". "Yes" Then I was offered a hand to sit up in my bed. I was handed a glass of juice and a sandwich.

I was covered with a sticky syrup substance and my clothes were wet from my own sweat. I knew then that I wasn’t dreaming. I soon found out that I had had a very low blood sugar and my mother and my sister couldn’t wake me.

They had tried to give me juice, food, glucose tabs anything they could find but they couldn’t get me to wake up or open my mouth. That’s when they had gotten maple syrup and tried to feed me.

My mom had called 911 somewhere between trying glucose tabs and maple syrup. By this time I still hadn’t awaken and the EMTs had arrived. They hooked me up to an IV with sugar water and I soon woke up.

It was definitely a scary experience for all of us. I do not recommend waking up with strangers staring down at you. 

But if anything I feel that this may be a God send. I have been on the fence about getting a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)  for a while. This whole experience has pushed my family and myself toward trying to get approved for a CGM. It will definitely make us all feel much better if we have this extra insight to where my blood sugar sits.

As of right now, I am feeling great. I’m still pretty tired from the whole experience but considering, I think I’m doing pretty good. I will be watching my blood sugars closely for a while and I will be working on adjusting my basal rates (as its back to school time anyway).

I will be okay though! This is only a “speed bump” in my life. I feel very lucky that my mother and sister were there to save my life. I feel very grateful that I lived through this and that Saturday wasn’t my last day on earth (Because I mean I got some really awesome new clothes ). I will keep going and keep working with my diabetes along the way.



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16 August 2013 ·

Going Wireless

It’s that time.. My lovely little insulin pump’s warranty will be up next week. I am looking into the other two larger pump companies as to which I will switch to. Omnipod was one of the pumps I will be looking into. I contacted Omnipod and they suggested I try out their demo pod. After a few days it arrived in the mail and I tried it on this weekend. 


I pulled the box out of the mailbox and I was automatically overwhelmed with excitement (my little design bug in the back of my head was pretty excited about all of the cool collateral that came with the box).

I opened the box and found one demo podone alcohol swab, and one booklet explaining Omnipod. “Seems pretty simple” I thought as I put everything back into the box to await the appropriate 3 days to be part cyborg with two pumps. image

My little demo pod waited in his box for almost a week when I decided this past weekend to take it for a test drive. I pulled open the box and read the instructions. “Pull off paper.. ok got it…. put on site.. done” The demo pod of course was not able to be filled with insulin as it did not have a PDM to control it. I also did not inject a cannula because that is something that is controlled by the PDM. It was really to try out the “feel” of the Omnipod.


The first day I ran a few errands. No biggie, grocery store, ice cream shop, a walk through the park. I was wearing a short sleeve tee shirt and I was almost expecting some stares from people because of the pod peeking out of my sleeve on my arm. But to my surprise no one really noticed. 

The second day was more low key. I went to work, but that day I wore a long sleeve shirt. So obviously less noticeable. and no one noticed. I did however notice it when I got dressed that morning. A couple of times my shirts got snagged on the pod. But it was not a big deal really, didn’t hurt, didn’t rip out.

On day three I did get a few people noticing. A few stares would be saying the least. It seemed that everyone I ran into would look at me, at my pod, then back at me. I was waiting for someone to ask what the alien piece of machinery on my arm was. But alas, no one asked. Oh well. I did notice on day three the site became a little uncomfortable and itchy but that was to be expected. I ended up taking off the pod about halfway through the day because I had to do a site change anyway and I was losing hope that someone would ask and I would be able to educate. 

When I was taking the pod off I notice how “sticky” the tape was. WOW, that thing was stuck! I used many methods to pull it off.. The rip it off like bandaid method was the least successful. Soap and water helped a little bit but I still ended up with red splotches where the pod once lay.

All in all, I found the experience to be interesting to say the least. I have had many campers with Omnipod and I always wondered how comfortable they were. 


I was fortunate enough to have a demo pod of the new smaller pods so I am still unaware of what it feels like to wear the older larger ones. The pod felt a little heavy on my arm at first. But after a while I got used to the feeling. I ran into walls at first but again, I got used to it fast. 


The first night I was nervous to lay on the pod in bed as I thought it would be uncomfortable. But I woke up laying on that side without even noticing. 

I literally forgot it was in my arm most of the time. It was actually pretty comfortable. 

Anyway that’s my Omnipod experience. Not sure if Omnipod is the "One" for me. But It was a good experience and I will definitely consider it! 

Who are my "Omnipodder" readers? Please tell me how much you like your Omnipod! Pros and Cons would be very appreciated! 

Visit myomnipod.com to learn more about the Omnipod!


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14 August 2013 ·


With 14 years with diabetes under my belt, I’ve had my fair share of “bad days”. Most of the time I just take care of the issue and move on. I have never been one to let diabetes hold me back. But sometimes it has its way of keeping me from doing what I want to do, and that really gets me down.

I’ve just finished with classes for the day. I walk to my car thinking about all of the homework I have yet to do tonight and its already 6:30. As I approach my car I fumble with my keys and unlock the door. I go searching in my bag for my glucometer and test before the keys go into the ignition. 63 mg/dl. That means I need to eat a snack and wait until I am able to drive the 30 mins home. image

Waiting. Diabetes makes me wait. Its so crazy how long 15 minutes feels when you’re sitting in one spot waiting for a number on your meter to read above 90. 

Another test says I’m 70. 15 more minutes, 15 more carbs. I could have been home by now.

While I know it’s important to wait, to be safe, all I want to do is throw caution into the wind and just pull onto the road. I don’t I wait.

It’s crazy how a disease that made me grow up so fast, causes me so much waiting. 

I wait to test. I wait to eat. I wait to drive. I wait to start homework. I wait to walk. I wait.

Another test permits me to go. 30 mins later and I can drive home. 

While Diabetes can be frustrating from time to time. It’s just something us diabetics deal with. I promised myself, I will live every day with this disease and every day I will make sure that it won’t hold me back. 

I will live out my dreams, meet my goals and accomplish amazing things. Diabetes sits in the side-car, I sit in the driver’s seat. 


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6 August 2013 ·

About Me

A really cool blog, by a really cool girl, telling really cool stories about a not so cool disease called Type 1 Diabetes.