My Hectic Week

Well last week was definitely been a crazy one. I guess we’ll start at the beginning. Well two weeks ago my little sister had an upper respiratory infection. So of course last week I got my lovely little sisters germs. So this last week I have been so sick. One thing that really sucks about being sick now that I am in college is that sometimes I have to go to school even if I feel so horrible (diabetes related included). But it’s even worse when I stay home from school. I missed one class last week to go to the doctor to get medicine, and I had much homework this weekend. It was crazy. 

Speaking of crazy let’s go back to last week when I was going to the doctor. When I was headed to school afterward I got pulled over. Yeah, that was spectacular. I’ve only been pulled over twice in the 5 years I have been driving but it is never that fun. Now I didn’t get ticketed or any of that but I was late for school and I missed my first class.

Okay enough of the whining, when I got home from school that day I had something awesome waiting for me in my mailbox. I walked up to my house and instinctively reached into the mailbox to find a nice large envelope with my name printed on it. I ripped it open to find that this envelope held my acceptance packet to my transfer university. I was so excited I read through the whole thing twice. However the excitement of the packet was softened only a little when I discovered how much work I have yet to do.

See I was accepted to the school, and the college of art and communications. Now I just need to be accepted into the graphic design sequence. Which means that I need to send in my portfolio. I also have to petition to graduate from my current college and get my next semester of classes ready. I have quite a bit of time still but I just feel overwhelmed by it all, and I just can’t wait.

I cant believe this is finally happening. It feels like I’ve been waiting and working so hard. When I graduated from highs hook it seemed so far away, and I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing. I am so happy that I found my passion and that I found my school. I am going on a great journey now and I’m ready for my next step in the journey. I can’t wait!

Well that’s been my week. I’m so sorry, but I really needed a break last week from blogging and what not. But I’m back! Diabetes related blogs will be back this week!


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17 October 2011 ·

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