My Low Box Rocks

It’s three a.m. I’ve been up for hours coughing, sniffling, and staring at my wall as I try and talk myself into sleeping. Eventually I give up on sleeping for the night and turn on a movie instead, and calculate how many more hours I have until I need to get up for school.

My legs were feeling weird but inner Rachel told me it was probably the cough medicine I’m taking plus the lack of sleep. I’m intently watching a movie (Toy Story 3, yeah I love Pixar what of it?) Finally I can’t take it any longer and I sit up and test my blood sugar in the light of the TV only. 35 mg/dl, “Lovely”. I reach down under my bed and pull out my newly beloved “Low Box” and search for a snack to treat my low.

In my low box I put a lot of cereal bar type snacks along with some juicy juice (that has been since all consumed), and brownie. I decide on a rice crispy treat, and push the box back under the bed. I took my first bite and suddenly remembered why I had been eating soup the last couple of days. I worked on swallowing the snack and headed down one flight of stairs to the kitchen to get a soft carb snack. Grabbed some apple sauce and a juice and headed back to bed.

By the time I got to my bed I felt my blood sugar dropping so i gulped down the juice and ate the apple sauce and waited fifteen minutes until I checked again. Yep I dropped. I went for the brownie from the low box and that seemed to do the trick.

My point of this post is to say that a low box in the bedroom is a really great idea (a thank ya), but if you are sick and have a sore throat. Think about bringing some juice or Gatorade to bed with you just in case. That’s what I’ll be doing for the rest of this sickness anyway.

Stay well!


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19 October 2011 ·

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