A Candy-less Halloween

I can’t believe that it is already October 31st! Tomorrow marks the first day of National Diabetes Awareness Month, and on November 14th all us Diabetes folk will be celebrating World Diabetes Day! Very exciting month over here at humaBLOG! So I hope you stay tuned for some great Diabetes awareness topics this month!

But today however is October 31st, or otherwise known as Halloween over on this side of the pond. While I have not been part of the trick-or-treating festivities for quite a few years, I still love this holiday, and I always have.

While growing up I used to love this holiday because I got to dress up in my super cool costume and go door to door to show it off as well as at parties. What other holiday lets you dress up as anything you want to be and parade yourself around the school?

As a diabetic child on Halloween many people used to believe that the holiday made me sad. “Aw Rachel, Sorry you can’t have any candy. You must be sad.” On the contrary obviously non diabetes educated adult/peer, not only do I get to have candy on marvelous holiday, but I get gifts as well! 

Yes I said gifts and candy! Many times while trick-or-treating or even at parties adults would try to “make me feel better” by getting me sugar free candy and small gifts instead of what the rest of the kids got. While I don’t care much for sugar free candy I did think it was awesome to get gifts.

I know some kids may have felt offended or saddened not to get what everyone else has but I thought it was cool! “Check it out guys! While all of your candy is gone by the end of the night I will still have this coloring book! So ha!” 

Believe it or not candy doesn’t make or break Halloween. I have had many years of candy-less Halloween celebrations. Now as an adult ( it still feels weird to say that ) I am not as big of a fan of candy as I once was when I was limited to it. But even then I (with the help of my family of course) stayed healthy throughout the Halloween season. Which goes to show,

You don’t need candy to have fun!


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31 October 2011 ·

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