#HAWMC DAY 04- I write about my Diabetes because…

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#HAWMC Day 04

I write about my Diabetes because…

I’ve never been the type of girl to keep a consistent journal. Yeah sure I had the password diary and I wrote from time to time in my Unicorn diary, but usually I would lose it or stop writing completely, or it would become a sketchbook.

But for some reason I started a blog. I actually started this blog so that my videos had a place to live and so people on the DOC could find me. But now I feel this blog is helpful for others and me because I can share stories and experiences.

I think that one-day when I am old and forgetful I can look back on these blogs, (on a super high tech computer that will probably be inserted in my brain) and remember my life as a 20 something college student with type 1 diabetes. 

What about my children? Wouldn’t it be great that if my future son or daughter could look back and see my videos and posts from when I was there age? I can only imagine how amazing that would be, and it could even bring us closer.

I write about diabetes to educate, inform, inspire, and share with other people who are interested to come and see. I write about diabetes for friends, family, and strangers. But mostly I write about diabetes for me.

Writing about my disease helps me cope. It helps me learn, and it helps me to remember what I have learned.

 I am so glad I started.


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4 April 2012 ·

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