#HAWMC DAY 10 - Dear 16-year-old me

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#HAWMC Day 10

Dear 16-year-old me

This is me writing a letter to myself when I was age 16. Feel free to read!

Dear 16 year old Rachel,

Calm down about the boy thing. Seriously it’s not worth it.

Please get into the habit of testing before you drive. It’s so hard for me to remember now! If you’re below 80 just eat something before getting on the road!

You are truly doing a good job! Keep it up; no matter what happens remember you will always have your health.

You are about to endure some of the toughest times of your life and diabetes has nothing to do with it so keep it in check because you’re going to need a healthy body and a sound mind. Be strong!

I know high school is your whole world now but believe me there is so much more to come in your life that you’ll forget what high school was like!

Get good grades and take a foreign language class! You’re going to wish you would have later! Work hard and worry about friends and boys later.

Camp makes you so happy and one day you will be a part of the happy in other campers lives.  Don’t give up! It is totally worth it, I promise!

Don’t listen to Inner Rachel. She is erratic, irresponsible, and an all around HAG. We should really fire her.

Lots of Love and Encouragement,

Rachel at 21 years

What would you tell your younger self?


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