I’m all Updated

Well Hello! Would you like to read an update on my life? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

Recently I have been so busy that I have trouble finding time to sleep (I do miss you sleep). Next week is my last week of school before the BIG TRANSFER! I am so very excited and nervous and many more emotions about the big jump. But it will be so good to know that I have made it half way through my secondary education!

Also another huge event in my life is coming up! I have been officially hired to Diabetes camp as a camp counselor. This will be my 5th year on staff and my 14th year at camp! Crazy! I am so excited and I just can’t wait to get moved into my little half cabin and meet all of my new campers! I wait for the week of camp all year round and I am so excited for this year!

I also renewed my license (I know mundane, right?). It is the first time that I have renewed it so I got to go to the “Big kid” horizontal license. When I got there to renew I was told that I needed to get a doctor to sign some paperwork WHOOPS! I totally forgot about that, and my license expires the next day! I made it to my doctor’s office and the very very very nice people who work there helped me to get everything I needed within about 5 minutes. THANK YOU! Any way I got my photo taken, eyes checked, and was issued my brand new ID! Yay!

I’m not sure if you are following me on Twitter (because of course everyone is right?), but if you do you might remember me mentioning that I have stopped drinking soda. Well its been about 3 months on soda strike and I think that I have gotten healthier. 

I have lost 11 pounds as of this morning and I am feeling great. I have no caffeine headaches as I expected to have and I have found a new found love for good old water. water is really all I drink all day and I don’t feel bad about drinking it at all. 

Anyway, I am feeling so wonderful, and healthy, and excited. So many emotions, I know. But Many things are coming to an end and many to a beginning for me lately and I am so excited to continue moving forward!

Consider yourself updated.


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4 May 2012 ·

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