My Stupid Brain

Read my crazy #dblog post about my stupid brain!

My brain is stupid sometimes. brain dumb_01 I can be talking to someone and completely forget the word I was about to say. no words_02 I can take my blood sugar and 30 seconds later forgot what it was.  Meter_03 I can check the time on my phone and not actually check the time on my phone. Time Phone_04 And don’t even get me started on when I walk into a room and forget what I went in there for.  Why am I Here_05I like to think in these times when my brain…

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3 March 2014 ·

Living a Level Life with Level Foods

Living a Level Life with Level Foods - A yummy alternative to breakfast!

I love breakfast. I mean seriously, think of all the yummy things you can eat for breakfast.. fruit and yogurt, oatmeal with a little peanut butter, eggs & bacon, toast. (OK this is making me hungry)

Rachel enjoying a Level Foods Shake in my Car

I love grabbing a Level Foods Shake and enjoying it in my car

But sometimes mornings can be a little stressful. Especially if you have diabetes. “Oh no how could I have just realized I have only 20…

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22 February 2014 ·

Even Diabetes has Benefits

With classes coming to an end soon and summer rearing its beautiful sunny head again I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell you about my new diabetes plan here at my new university.

At the very beginning of this school year, back in August, I notified my friendly local Student Support Services office about my diabetes. They are a group of wonderful people who are there to help students like me to have a backup plan if anything were to stop us from completing school work. This includes, homework, attendance, tests, tardys, the whole kit and kaboodle. (Yes I just said that….)

At any rate they helped me come up with a plan (that I will outline below) to help me get through the day to day stresses of being a college student with diabetes. (Oh so much of that stress thing). All I needed to do was get a note from my Endocrinologist and have him fax it to their office. Easy as pie (well as easy as pie can be I suppose, maybe that was the wrong analogy)! 

image Anyway something really cool that the Student Support Services at my university does ( and it may be done at yours too you can check with them), is that I was able to have priority sign up for classes. Which of course is a HUGE deal at a little school like mine. Classes fill up very fast!

The reasoning for this priority was that I am an approved ADA (American Disabilities Act) Student. Although I am not 100% sure what that means I don’t really ABSOLUTLY have to have this priority registration, it is really nice to have. This way I can schedule classes according to my schedule and work around lunch and dinner and what not. That is really nice for a diabetic because this semester my lunch is at different times every day, making it super hard to figure out basals and what not. So really this is a huge BENEFIT to me.

I think it is really great that my university offers this type of support for me and it makes me feel a lot better about that whole stress situation!

If you are in need of some Support Services at your University, ask around and see if you can get the number to your own local Student Support Service office it’s really a nice thing to have at school. For more information check out College Diabetes Network, they have a lot of nice information about caring for diabetes at school and your rights as a student with a disability.

You can also check out the American Diabetes Association’s resources as they also have a lot of information on this topic as well!

And of course feel free to leave a comment question or concern below in the comment area! (I read them all!)

Here is my Diabetes plan here at university:

  • Ability to take breaks to eat a snack to alleviate low blood sugar

  • Ability to reschedule exams in case of diabetes emergency as this affects ability to finish exam

  • Excused for diabetes-related absences

I also have the Student Support Services e-mail all of my professors for the semester to let them know. ( I used to do this myself but it is much nicer to see it come from a school sanctioned office rather than just a student)


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18 April 2013 ·

A Friend Helped {Diagnosis Story}

Back in 1999 I was only eight years old. During the summer I was diagnosed with a familiar disease known as Type 1 Diabetes (Sound familiar). It was familiar to me because my mother has had Type 1 Diabetes my entire life. She was diagnosed at eight years old too! ( coincidence or genes?)

When we arrived at the children’s hospital we trekked our way to the Pediatric Endocrinology floor. I remember walking up to the door and playing with another girl in the waiting room area. I brought my stuffed gorilla toy. His name is George and I received him as a gift from my Grandmother when my little sister was born only two years earlier. I dressed George every morning, made sure he “ate” his breakfast and packed him in my book bag when I headed to school.

When we eventually were called back into the inner depths of the hospital, George came with me. We were both weighed and measured. We both had our blood taken (in George’s case, he just got a band aid). Then I had my very first A1C test and was directed to my “room”.

Eventually it was time for another blood sugar test. But this time I would use my brand new Blood Glucose Meter for the first time. The night before we went to the hospital my parents were concerned with the symptoms I had been showing and decided to test my blood sugar. The task proved to be easier said than done. I fought and pleaded with them to just forget about it but they were persistent and eventually got enough blood to the meter to read my very high blood sugar.

When I was asked at the hospital whether I wanted to test my own blood sugar or wanted my parents to test me I decided to test on my own. The look on my parents face went from anguish to surprise. They told me they were proud of me for giving it a try and all went well and my blood sugar was in normal range! (Thanks D Honeymoon!) However the story was different when I was asked to practice taking an injection.

I was frightened of the needle. It didn’t matter how many times the CDE told me it was the shortest needle made, and that my mother kept telling me that it wouldn’t hurt and I would hardly feel it. I just wanted someone, anyone to just give me the shot. I could close my eyes and squeeze George and it would all be over. Well that’s eventually how it went down, I never gave my shot that day or any day for a year. After every meal my parents would give me my shot as I closed my eyes and went to another place.

Nearly a year after my diagnosis I went to a check-up at the Endocrinologist’s office. In the same room I was diagnosed, I was asked again if I wanted to try taking my own shot. “NO” I insisted, but I don’t really know why.

That’s when the CDE left the room promising to come back with a surprise. When she came back she had a teddy bear in her arms. The bear was wearing a blue dress and I could just barely see a tiny Medical Alert Bracelet around her wrist. “This bear has diabetes, just like you! She just had a big jar of honey and needs her insulin injection, but she is afraid to give her own shot. Rachel, can you help her out?”

That’s when I noticed the bear had colored patches in all of her injection areas. I gave my very first shot to the bear. I handled the needle and drew out the insulin and pinched up her “skin” and gave the injection. It wasn’t scary any more when I had a friend to give a shot to.

When we left the office the CDE said that I could keep the bear. I was elated! After every meal I was excited to give “Riley” a shot. Eventually, with a little coaxing from mom and dad I gave my own injection in my leg! It didn’t really hurt and promptly announced the fact. After the fountain of “I told you so” ‘s from my mother, I began to feel proud and I gave my shots every day after that.

Only months after giving my first injection my little sister was diagnosed at the age of three. My parents would again have to go through the same “training” for their second daughter. I decided that I needed to be the best I could be for my little sister to know she was going to be okay.

Thanks to my small stuffed friends for getting me through that tough part of my life and helping me to learn.

Click here to get your own diabetic stuffed pal! & This guy even has a pump!
Learn more about Rufus, the bear with Diabetes.

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11 August 2012 ·

Are we there yet?

Wow Wow Wow! My last post brought so many new viewers to my little homemade blog! First I want to say Welcome! Second I want to apologize for this post. I usually try to write uplifting and or funny commentary about my life as a Type 1 Diabetic College student. However this last week, well month really has been so very stressful and I hope it all begins to slow down soon.

If you have been following my blog for a while you may know that I am smack dab in the middle of a transition in my life. I am currently studying Graphic Design at a local community college. Its been great really I love it. I have learned so much and developed some great skills.

But now it is time for me to graduate and move on to a four year university and finish my degree. I am so so so so excited about the transition. I really can’t wait to begin course work. But I am still preparing.

Thus begins stressor #1:

This last semester I have only one required class for my degree, Earth Science. Its not just Earth Science, but its Weather and Climate. You might be asking, what the H E double hockey sticks does Weather and Climate have to do with Graphic Design. The answer is nothing. I just need this class to graduate.

Being a very visual and creative person, I am really struggling with this Earth Science course. Every week I hope just to keep a passing grade. I am working hard and pouring everything I’ve got into this class and I am receiving below average scores. Whatever, I don’t care about the grade as long as I pass.

Now we go to stressor #2:

As a Graphic Design major, I have to take art classes, as expected. Also in order to begin classes at my new University I need to submit two portfolios. One contains all of my art work throughout my college career, while the other contains all of my design work throughout my college career. Both need to be submitted by April 1st and of course I have only now just begun working on them. Well I am about 97% complete with all the work on both. I just need to deliver it which I planned to work on today until stressor #3 occured.

Stressor #3:

Recently I have been having issues falling asleep. One night I couldn’t get to sleep until 7:00AM. It really began to be ridiculous. At this point I am thinking that maybe I am a Zombie. I decided that it was probably sinus headaches and pressure that were keeping me awake.  So I began taking some Benedryl just so I could sleep! Yes that is in fact me! Halloween 2009

Of course it worked, I was asleep finally but I would be out for almost ten hours and that just didn’t feel good. So last night I didn’t take any. Instead of watching TV until I passed out like I usually do I read a book until I felt tired. I finally fell asleep naturally and before 1:00AM mind you!

Then this morning I woke up with that feeling. If you’re diabetic like me you know the feeling. Sweaty and hot, confused and fuzzy, and hungry oh so hungry. I check my BG to see that it was of course 44 mg/dl. So I made my way to the kitchen in my zombie like manner and ate some cereal. Maybe too much cereal only Zombie Rachel would know.

Anyway, my BG came up fine and I went back to bed for just a little while longer. Until I woke up again with another feeling. Thirsty so so thirsty and sick to my stomach. Oh here we go with the Hyperglycemia now. Check my BG to see a nice and juicy 301 mg/dl on the tiny LCD screen of my meter. “Lovely” I said as I got up to change my site (as I was running low on insulin anyway) and finally took a 9.9 unit bolus of insulin.

I lied in bed writhing in stomach pain and clenching my water bottle like my life depended on it. When an hour went by I checked again to see that my blood sugar had raised to 398 mg/dl! “Come on diabetes, give me a break here” I took another high unit correction and waited until it slowly dropped to 200.

That brings me to now writing this post. Still feeling sick to my stomach and wondering if I should just skip lunch all together. I am so baffled on why my blood sugar didn’t drop with the first correction. Usually high dosed corrections bring me crashing down but not today.

I have had thoughts that possibly stress is bringing it all on. I have a few more stressors that I have not named above that are adding to the mix as well. I have had interesting affects on my body because of stress in the past.

Last semester during the months before finals I noticed that I had not had a menstrual cycle. This went on for about 3 months and I was getting very worried. The day after my final exams were completed I began a menstrual cycle and everything was back on track.

Another time stress has affected me was last year at camp. It was my first year as a Senior Counselor at Diabetes Camp and Inner Rachel was FREAKING OUT. I was responsible of a group of campers and for some reason this year Inner Rachel was beyond worried about everything. (I even had a dream during camp that the cabin was on fire. Fire is one of my biggest fears) Because of all this stress Inner Rachel was sticking in my mind My blood sugars were elevated the entire week and I had many bouts of high to moderate ketones, despite all the water I was consuming. It was so weird because I have never ever had high ketones in my life. As soon as I got home from camp everything went back to normal.

Stress does weird things to me. So really I wish it was summer so that I can just relax and have some fun in the sun.

So are we there yet?

Also thanks for listening to me whine! More blogs to come next month!


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21 March 2012 ·

About Me

A really cool blog, by a really cool girl, telling really cool stories about a not so cool disease called Type 1 Diabetes.