No D Day (With a side of D)

So today is no D Day, meaning this blog will not say the word diabetes. (Other than just then when I said Diabetes, oh and there too) I have been thinking on what I would write on as a blog NOT about diabetes (ah I said it again). After much consideration I’ve decided to write about my Dog, Daisy (who’s nickname is D, see what I did there?)

Daisy is my best friend. I do almost everything with her, and if I could take her everywhere I would. We go on adventures through the park together, we go on road trips, and yes we even sleep in the same bed. She has been my best friend for almost 10 years now and I am very thankful that I have her in my life.

We adopted daisy when I was 10 years old from a shelter in a town near our home. When we first visited the shelter I walked through the kennel area and was blown away by the loud barking coming from all directions. At this shelter before you take your pet home you get to spend time with them in a private room and sort of interview them.

The first dog we “interviewed” was named Max. He was a large dog and so very sweet. He was really soft and cuddly, but was a bit hyper. My little sister was only 5 years old at the time and we were afraid that he might knock her over if we took him home. So we had to say no to his sad little eyes and move on to our next “interviewee”.

Another look through the kennel with my dad was looking grim. All the dogs were so loud and I was so sad that I couldn’t take them all home. But then we got to one kennel that I had overlooked before. There was this sweet, medium sized, underweight, red colored dog with the softest ears I have ever felt.  All the dogs around her were barking and gnawing at the fence while this dog was calmly laying down and didn’t come to the fence until we began talking to her. My dad reached in to pet her and she set her head in his hand. Without a doubt we brought this dog into the interview room.

While in the kennel she had been taught to sit and shake hands. So when we told her to sit she sat right next to my mom. When she said “shake” she shook my hand. Her sad little eyes had a story to tell and her poor little ears had been bitten by fleas. She had such a calm misdemeanor and didn’t bark once. We decided that this was the dog for our family and began the adoption process.

Before we could bring her home the shelter had to update her on all of her shots and she needed to be spayed, so we didn’t get our new puppy for a few days. But the day we went to go pick up our new family member was filled with excitement. We got her a new collar as well as a leash and when we put it around her neck you could see happiness fill her eyes. She wagged her tail so hard that she almost knocked over the display unit in the waiting room.

We thought the ride home would be hard as we only had a car to drive her home in. But she seemed to love it. She sat right next to me in the back seat and looked out the window. She was ready to go to her new home and we were ready to have her.

She was only a little hyper when she got home. She wasn’t sure how the whole walking on a leash thing worked and whenever the front door opened she darted out of it. But she was very protective of my sister and I. Once I was just outside the front door talking to a friend (who happened to be a boy) and she was so upset. She began barking at the window with her scary low bark and I was ignoring her. She ended up busting through the window to protect me from this “threat”. That being said, I don’t think that this dog could hurt a fly (maybe a squirrel, but not a fly), and her bark is definitely worse than her bite. Lets just say she’s a good judge of personality when it comes to people.

Now were here about 10 years later and she is the best friend anyone could ask for. She is always there for me and never complains. (As long as she gets her walks once in a while) She protects me, loves me, and puts up with my crazy antics. She was with me through a hard year and she never left my side even when I was at my worst.

Daisy you are my best friend I love you care for you befriend you and you do all the same and more for me. Also sorry about making you take a bath the other day, I hope you’ll forgive me. 


This really long and poorly written post was written by Rachel Scott.

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