The One About Fundraising

Wow you all really like you’re sweetener! Thanks for all of your responses and stay tuned, next week I will be doing a post about sweetener! Now on to this post:

Happy Friday! I hope you all have enjoyed you’re weeks as much as I’ve enjoyed mine. By far the most exciting part of my week this week was when I reached my fundraising goal.

I’ve been collection donations for the Annual American Diabetes Association Walk for Diabetes that is occurring this Sunday (Oct. 2nd). My goal was $200 and so far I’ve raised $220! I’m super pumped for the walk on Sunday! I can’t wait to see friends and meet new diabetics that live near me!

We are raising money under the name “Camp Granada Crusaders”, to send a child with diabetes to Diabetes Camp!

Here’s were you can help STOP diabetes! Head over to my personal donations page by either clicking the “Support My Walk” button to the right of this post on my website. Or you can head over to My Personal Walk Page.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is a really cool association that runs really awesome programs to get diabetic together to share stories and information, and that’s what humaBLOG is all about.

Thanks for all of your support and stay tuned for three new posts next week (one is a vlog!). Have a great weekend and think about the ADA on Sunday, because I know I will be!


This really long and poorly written post was written by Rachel Scott.

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30 September 2011 ·

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