Happy World Diabetes Day!

In celebration for this day many of my DOC (Diabetes Online Community) friends and I are participating in the Big Blue Test! The Big Blue Test is an event celebrating World Diabetes day by testing, exercising, and then testing again. By far the coolest thing about that is that every test that is taken helps a diabetic get the supplies that they need to survive.

Last week I said that I would get the whole humaBLOG household to take the Big Blue Test this weekend. Well scheduling conflicts affected that. Never fear! We will all be participating tonight.

However I’ve big blue tested quite a few times last week and once this morning. So to fill the void between now and Wednesday when I report on the humaBLOG household Big Blue Test-a-thon, I will report on this mornings Big Blue Test!

This morning I woke up just a few moments earlier than usual to get in a good walk with my dog, D, before it rained. I woke up at a BG of 184 mg/dl. I was pretty happy with that number before exercise.

We bundled up a little, and headed out for a walk around the neighborhood. Our goal was a 1 mi walk this morning.

We got about .45 mi in and it started to pour! D looked up at me and said “Really Rachel!?” (Just Kidding D doesn’t talk) So of course we started walking faster, and eventually went into a jog back to the house. 

We made it back completely soaked and right as I stepped onto the porch, Nike + lady told me that we had in fact made 1 mi! YAY!

After getting in the house and unbuckling D from her harness I felt pretty low. So I tested and I was at 160 mg/dl. I went ahead and had a little snack and logged my Big Blue Test and shared with you all my experience.

I think that the Big Blue Test is a really awesome program and you should at least test once. Oh and here is the really cool part, You don’t have to have diabetes to participate! So get your friends and family to participate with you it will be fun!


World Diabetes Day (International Diabetes Federation) Website

Big Blue Test (Diabetes Hands Foundation) Website

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14 November 2011 ·

The Sneaky Low

Last week I had a “fun” low experience while at school. You know what that means! STORYTIME!

I woke up last Thursday feeling pretty good. Blood glucose was at 99 mg/dl and feeling pretty steady. I went ahead and ate some breakfast and took my normal bolus. When I was just about to head out the door I realized that I had forgotten to change my site the night before (oops!) I grabbed some insulin and a site change and was out the door. When I arrived at school I popped on a new site and filled up on insulin and was on my way to class.  

Toward the end of my first class I was feeling a little “weird”. I decided that it was maybe because I was low so instead of stepping out of class to test I unplugged my pump so I wouldn’t miss the very end of class.

After class ended I walked by a vending machine and grabbed a regular soda, just in case. But I still wasn’t feeling that  low. I headed into my math class and pulled out my meter for a quick test. 30! What I didn’t see that coming at all. I began chugging down the regular soda and before I finished it class began.

Because I didn’t want to be wondering around the school treating this low I stayed at my desk and tried as hard as I could to concentrate. (Which was harder than it sounds) By the end of class I was feeling a lot better and headed to lunch after a quick check told me I was back to normal range.

The whole point of this story was that I was just so surprised that this 30 mg/dl snuck up on me like that. I feel that I am normally pretty in tune with my body. I usually can tell when I am dropping and catch a low before it gets pretty dangerous. But this shows that diabetes is unpredictable, and even though I did everything I could to make my blood sugar be in normal range for the day I was still really low. 

"Either you run the day or the day runs you.
Jim Rohn


This really long and poorly written post was written by Rachel Scott.

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3 October 2011 ·

The One About Fundraising

Wow you all really like you’re sweetener! Thanks for all of your responses and stay tuned, next week I will be doing a post about sweetener! Now on to this post:

Happy Friday! I hope you all have enjoyed you’re weeks as much as I’ve enjoyed mine. By far the most exciting part of my week this week was when I reached my fundraising goal.

I’ve been collection donations for the Annual American Diabetes Association Walk for Diabetes that is occurring this Sunday (Oct. 2nd). My goal was $200 and so far I’ve raised $220! I’m super pumped for the walk on Sunday! I can’t wait to see friends and meet new diabetics that live near me!

We are raising money under the name “Camp Granada Crusaders”, to send a child with diabetes to Diabetes Camp!

Here’s were you can help STOP diabetes! Head over to my personal donations page by either clicking the “Support My Walk” button to the right of this post on my website. Or you can head over to My Personal Walk Page.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is a really cool association that runs really awesome programs to get diabetic together to share stories and information, and that’s what humaBLOG is all about.

Thanks for all of your support and stay tuned for three new posts next week (one is a vlog!). Have a great weekend and think about the ADA on Sunday, because I know I will be!


This really long and poorly written post was written by Rachel Scott.

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30 September 2011 ·

It’s Storytime!

Once upon a time there was a little pump site. He was manufactured by a company called Medtronic. He was packaged and sent with his brothers and sisters to a lucky college student in Illinois. Yesterday she opened his temporary plastic house and attached him to her leg. He was real happy pumping insulin to the girl whose pancreas has been thirteen years retired. Then that night while the girl was sleeping this little pump site decided he liked the idea of retirement as well and he jumped off the girl’s leg, without her knowing.

She woke up the next morning feeling like she had been hit by a truck (of sand). Being the diligent little diabetic that she is, she tested her blood sugar and discovered why she was feeling this way. She then looked down to check on her faithful pump, and finally Mr. Pump Site. She quickly replaced him with one of his sister pump sites and took some much needed insulin. 

An hour later her blood sugar dropped to 93 mg/dl and she exclaimed how happy she was that her blood sugar had dropped so quickly. She went on to get ready for her Monday. Then she suddenly started feeling odd. She decided to check once more to find out that her blood sugar had dropped to 30 mg/dl!  

She began to eat some carbohydrates, maybe too many carbs. All she wanted to do was to feel normal again. But she didn’t feel low really, she just felt lost, scared, and confused. After checking her blood sugar once more about ten minutes later, she saw that she had only gone to 42 mg/dl. Meaning that she must had been dropping pretty steadily before she checked this second time. After eating another “carby” snack, she had finally got into normal range, just in time to get some lunch before she headed to work. 

After lunch, the little diabetic cautiously took some insulin and was on her way to work. Trouble reared it’s ugly head again as soon as she arrived at work. After a quick bg check she discovered her blood sugar was 505 mg/dl! “Here we go again” she muttered as she began to take a correction bolus. Then she saw that she was so caught up with the low blood sugar that had happened almost an hour before that she failed to realize that she was extremely low on insulin. So she made an emergency call to her mother and her grandmother came to the rescue bringing her some insulin.

She sits here right now “fighting” her high blood sugar feeling, gulping down bottle after bottle of water. Hoping she drops but does not drop too low again.

As you may have guessed this young adult diabetic is me. “NO WAY”—yes my friend, it was me this morning/afternoon. This story is a huge reason why I really think I need a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. Not just because of today but because this happens at least once a week. I’ll admit that sometimes the stress of college may be getting to me and maybe I am missing something. But that is a firm reason why I have decided to make a movement to get a CGM.  Wish me luck!


This really long and poorly written post was written by Rachel Scott.

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26 September 2011 ·

The Battles of Blood Sugar

I love sharing stories of my life when Diabetes doesn’t stop me from doing what I want to do. But sometimes that isn’t the case. The last few days I feel like I have been at war with my body to do what I want to do. Here’s the story:

So I have been really getting into riding my bike, for these reasons.

  • I love riding my bike!
  • I got a new bike this summer and I haven’t got to ride it at all this summer.
  • It’s actually a nice temperature outside!
  • My allergies and asthma are finally done fighting with me.
  • It seems like my lung problem has subsided for now!
  • I love riding my bike!
  • I want to lose some weight!
  • I got a really cool new app that tracks my miles.
  • Did I mention I love riding my bike?!

I am trying to get on a schedule to juggle school, work, blogging, and my health and so this is one of those activities I am trying to do more regularly.

Well this week has been pretty stressful and just has left me exhausted. Other than having a GIANT test and a quiz I’ve been studying feverishly for, my diabetes has been, well lets say she’s been a bit “fussy”.

It all began this weekend. For some reason I’ve been waking up with lows. I’ve been moving basal rates around but to no avail I cannot get a handle on these AM bgs yet. (But, I’ll get there eventually) So this weekend I woke up with some doozies of blood sugars. The lowest I woke up at this weekend was on Sunday when I woke up at 35 mg/dl and I couldn’t feel my legs.

I fumbled for the glucose tabs in my meter bag and made my way slowly down the stairs to kitchen where I had a carb free-for-all. Finally I got the bg back in normal range and began my day. I ended up with a high bg later in the afternoon, followed by another low for dinner (Do you see where this is going?). 

Anyway Monday morning comes along and what do you know I wake up low again. However, not nearly as low as before. I treat and eat some breakfast, and get ready for the day. Then I decided I would go on a short 1 mile bike ride.

Before I left I tested and I was 80 mg/dl. A little bit too low to go on a ride. I angrily gulped down some milk and jumped on the bike. A mile later I returned home and checked and I was up to 113 mg/dl. NICE, thanks diabetes! However, the rest of the day I was on the dia-coster AGAIN. My highest this time was at work when I was around 390 mg/dl (ew). So, I decided to move around some basals AGAIN and try again tomorrow.

So now we are to Tuesday and by far the most tragic of my story. I was in class all morning and when I got home I grabbed some lunch and was excited to go one another bike ride. Possibly more than a mile would be great! When I checked pre-ride I was at 130 mg/dl. Awesome! I packed the meter and a few snacks and I was off.

About half a mile in I realized that I forgot my inhaler so I had to take a quick break and just chill. I decided to check and I had dropped to 80 mg/dl. Had a snack and jumped back on. My dads house is about 0.88 miles from my house (thanks Nike+!) and to get there I have to cross a big field and up a steep hill. I pumped my way across the field and felt my legs begin to give. By the time I got to the hill I was killer tired and feeling the low. (Having a flash back now of when I fell all the way up that very same hill when I was low while rollerblading)

I finally got to the house and got time to sit and check again. 57, glucosed myself up and waited. After fifteen minutes I went down to 47 mg/dl. What the heck diabetes! Okay, I had no worries as I drank a regular soda. Finally I got up to 78 mg/dl and then finally 115 mg/dl. Then I headed home feeling like diabetes had beat me up thoroughly. 

I usually don’t feel so bad after a low, I know its sometimes not my fault and that it just happens. I don’t like this feeling, I don’t like when I feel that diabetes is keeping me from doing something I want to do. All I can do is stay strong and try again tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day, and to quote my good ole’ pal Annie, "It’s always a day away".


This really long and poorly written post was written by Rachel Scott.

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21 September 2011 ·

About Me

A really cool blog, by a really cool girl, telling really cool stories about a not so cool disease called Type 1 Diabetes.