Happy World Diabetes Day!

In celebration for this day many of my DOC (Diabetes Online Community) friends and I are participating in the Big Blue Test! The Big Blue Test is an event celebrating World Diabetes day by testing, exercising, and then testing again. By far the coolest thing about that is that every test that is taken helps a diabetic get the supplies that they need to survive.

Last week I said that I would get the whole humaBLOG household to take the Big Blue Test this weekend. Well scheduling conflicts affected that. Never fear! We will all be participating tonight.

However I’ve big blue tested quite a few times last week and once this morning. So to fill the void between now and Wednesday when I report on the humaBLOG household Big Blue Test-a-thon, I will report on this mornings Big Blue Test!

This morning I woke up just a few moments earlier than usual to get in a good walk with my dog, D, before it rained. I woke up at a BG of 184 mg/dl. I was pretty happy with that number before exercise.

We bundled up a little, and headed out for a walk around the neighborhood. Our goal was a 1 mi walk this morning.

We got about .45 mi in and it started to pour! D looked up at me and said “Really Rachel!?” (Just Kidding D doesn’t talk) So of course we started walking faster, and eventually went into a jog back to the house. 

We made it back completely soaked and right as I stepped onto the porch, Nike + lady told me that we had in fact made 1 mi! YAY!

After getting in the house and unbuckling D from her harness I felt pretty low. So I tested and I was at 160 mg/dl. I went ahead and had a little snack and logged my Big Blue Test and shared with you all my experience.

I think that the Big Blue Test is a really awesome program and you should at least test once. Oh and here is the really cool part, You don’t have to have diabetes to participate! So get your friends and family to participate with you it will be fun!


World Diabetes Day (International Diabetes Federation) Website

Big Blue Test (Diabetes Hands Foundation) Website

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14 November 2011 ·

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