Siblings & Diabetes

Sometimes it’s cool having a sister with diabetes. I know I always have at least one person who knows what a low feels like anyway. Actually pretty recently my little sister and I both had a low at the same time.

One late night last week I had just finished some homework and was sitting on the couch with my little sister watching some TV. When we both had a jolt of energy and began thinking everything, I mean E V E R Y T H I N G was funny. That’s when our mom decided that maybe we should both check our blood sugars. (good call mom!)

Well these were the results:

I was the 38 mg/dl while my sister Em was the 52. Yep we were both low alright and that was why everything was so hilarious.

Sometimes its nice to have someone who understands what a low feels like and how its almost indescribable how funny everything and everyone is when you are low. This is why I love spending time with diabetics, they just get it!


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28 October 2011 ·

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